Shine Service

What you get

Clean, rejuvenated, protected, gleaming shoes.

You'll look better, so much so that you'll be stopped in the streets by beautiful people, your boss will offer you a pay raise, and your bank manager will offer you an unsecured interest-free loan. Life is good when you wear shined shoes.

Your shoes will last longer than if you don't treat them properly. Much longer. This might not be much of a blessing if you have nasty, cheap shoes, but if you buy beautiful shoes from fine shoemakers, you ought to look after that investment.

And let's not forget that this is a wonderful pampering. A quick injection of indulgence much like treating yourself to a traditional wet shave or a quality haircut - only quicker and more accessible.

How we do it

The first step is thorough training. Shoe shining is often thought to be easy enough to do at home, but the difference between an amateur and a professional is huge. We work hard and we have more practice than you! We are also evolving our technique and sharing that among our team to deliver a consistently high standard of shoe care/

The technique we used is practiced by only a handful of shiners: We use our hands and cloths to apply the right amount of product, which is warmed and softened by the heat from our fingers. We only use brushes for dusting and some buffing, never for applying product.

Finally, we use great products. Really great products that are better for your shoe leather and bring out a brighter shine. Some people may cut corners and reduce their expenses by buying cheap polishes, but this is a disservice to the customer and can lead to drying out your shoes.

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