Office Visits

What we offer

We will visit your office at set, regular times to shine shoes either desk-to-desk or at a fixed communal location, such as a break-room or vacant meeting room.

Our shines last typically 5-10 minutes and we can even do off-the-foot shines for those not able to take a break. We always respect the security and confidentiality of our clients and will happily discuss a bespoke arrangement to fit in with your requirements.

We can offer contracts at a flat per-visit fee to treat your staff. More information about our office shoe shine service can be found at the Jaunty Flaneur

To learn more, please visit our Booking Page

What you get

Your employees are ambassadors for your business so you want them looking as bright and smart as they can be, and dreary shoes stand out a mile.

Much like offering on site catering or even dry cleaning services and subsidised gym memberships, the most successful firms know that attracting and motivating their staff is about more than writing cheques. It's about a feeling of being acknowledged and looked after, and that includes a great work environment. Stunning office designs, ergonomic chairs, breakout areas, greenery and yes a shiner visiting once a week!

Plus we're a social business providing job opportunities for the disadvantaged so you will be doing good as well as looking good. Your firm has a Corporate Social Responsibility programme doing fine works, but what could be more effective than incorporating social businesses into your supply chain?