We are constantly evolving our technique and so Training is an on-going cornerstone of our business practice. When a new shiner is brought into the company, they are taught our particular skill-set; first learning how to 'shine', then how to deliver that service across our different formats (events, offices or hotels), then the higher level skills of polishing shoes for the drop-off and collection service.


Our high standards are very important to us. We work to recruit the right people - those with enthusiasm and an in-built quality control that comes with actually caring about one's job.

We kit out our team with the best polishes and tools, and they are supported and continuously assessed to maintain the standards we are so proud of. We also meet regularly to swap tips and tricks that we can all learn from. Whilst shiners are often servicing locations on their own, we maintain a team atmosphere through regular group meetings and are strengthened by always learning from one another.

This is a constant upward spiral of improvement - what the Japanese call Kaizen - and it is this fundamental drive that keeps us at the forefront of our market.