Events and Occasions

Part of an Event

Shoeshining is ideal for trade shows. Visitors to your stand will be grateful for a chance to sit down and be pampered, and it's a wonderfully memorable talking point that your competitors giving out branded USB sticks will be jealous of.

Other corporate events, such as product launches, conferences or awards ceremonies also benefit from our service. People congregate around a shine stand, discuss ideas, and feel looked after by your business.

Best of all, we can white-label our service so it fits seamlessly into your corporate identity.

Preparation for an Occasion

Planning a wedding or celebration that people will dress up for? What could be better than laying on a shoe shiner to add a little extra gleam?

This is the perfect addition to a once-in-a-lifetime event. Your photos will look all the better for smarter, shiny shoes and your guests will feel that little bit more pampered.

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